How To Care For Montbretia In Winter?

Is Yellow Rattle Poisonous To Cattle?

How To Grow Yellow Rattle?

Yellow rattle is a beautiful wildflower, beloved of many pollinators, and as such it is a great addition to your garden to help your other plants – as well as lending a little beauty of its own! If you have been scratching your head and wondering how to grow yellow rattle, you have come to … Read more

how to winterize foxglove plants

How To Winterize Foxglove Plants?

Winter can be a tricky time – for both people and plants! The cold temperatures and harsh weathers can cause havoc with a lot of our favorite flowers. If you have been wondering how to winterize foxglove plants, you are certainly not alone. Let’s learn all about how to do this together. How To Winterize … Read more

How Do I Know If My Foxgloves Are Biennial Or Perennial?

How To Grow Foxglove From Seed?

Foxgloves are one of the flowers that instantly make you think of the countryside, or a cozy cottage garden. But how to grow foxglove from seed? Let’s find out! It is not too tricky to grow these beautiful flowers from seed; all you need is a little time, care and patience, and you will be … Read more

Which Is Better Aster Or Fleabane?

How To Harvest Fleabane?

If you have a patch of fleabane growing in your garden that you want to use, chances are the first question you will ask is how to harvest fleabane. Well don’t worry – we’ve got you totally covered! Read on for the best ways to harvest and use this pretty little daisy-like plant. How To … Read more

Should I Let Fleabane Grow In My Garden?

Why Is Fleabane Called Fleabane?

It is a pretty strange name for a plant, if you think about it… Why is fleabane called fleabane? Is it because it gets rid of fleas? Well, sort of! Before you rejoice and throw away the Frontline flea treatments, let’s delve a ;little more into this fascinating plant, and the origins of its name. … Read more

do houseplants grow better together

Do Houseplants Grow Better Together?

Having a varied collection of houseplants is great, isn’t it? It’s really fun to turn the inside of your house into something that looks like a tropical jungle! But do houseplants grow better together or should you leave them by themselves? Let’s have a look into the sociability of plants. Do Houseplants Grow Better Together? … Read more

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