Can You Grow Houseplants In A Greenhouse?

A greenhouse is wonderful invention – they keep plants warm enough to thrive, and you can actually use them for a lot of different purposes. But can you grow houseplants in a greenhouse! Let’s look into the hows and whys of this method of growing plants.

Can You Grow Houseplants In A Greenhouse?

can you grow houseplants in a greenhouse

Greenhouses are great for growing on seedlings, for giving a sick plant a little TLC, and for those ones that like to be warm.

But did you know you can also grow houseplants in a greenhouse? It’s not the same as you won’t see them in your house every day – but they will be very happy!

A greenhouse is a great way to control the temperature and environment of your plants – keeping them warm and protected is always a great idea.

Some houseplants that struggle to grow indoors will probably thrive in a greenhouse environment, as they will be warm and well looked after.

You may even find that your plants grow even better in a greenhouse, as this environment mimics their natural conditions better.

It can be easier to control pests in a greenhouse; they are one step closer to the outside world, and there is a physical barrier between your plants and creepy crawlies.

If you are a compulsive plant grower and cannot stop yourself getting new plants, a greenhouse is a great bet as it expands the amount of space you have for your beloved plants!

How Do You Make An Indoor Greenhouse Houseplant?

If you don’t have an outdoor greenhouse but you want to grow some plants that like to be a little warmer, did you know you can make your own indoor greenhouse?

It’s very simple, doesn’t use a lot of time or resources, and it can help your indoor jungle reach its best potential.

An indoor greenhouse can be as simple as a tray of plants covered with plastic wrap – this will trap available heat and keep your plants warmer.

This is a great way of forcing bulbs, bringing on seedlings, and keeping those tropical plants healthy and happy.

Keeping plants warm and protected is important for their health, and you can do it at home, easily and cheaply.

How Do You Keep Plants Alive In A Greenhouse?

A greenhouse is a great bet for plants, especially those that like to be kept a little warmer and protected from the elements.

If your plants are dying even in your greenhouse, consider a few of the following ideas to keep your plants alive and healthy:

  • Keep your greenhouse ventilated. An infestation of pests can wipe out even healthy plants quickly, so ensure there is space and airflow between them.
  • Raise plants up off the ground. The ground is closer to the slugs and snails, plus it is colder – keeping your plants raised gives them a better chance.
  • Heat your greenhouse. If you are growing tropical plants or you live in a very cold area, consider a greenhouse heater to keep temperatures at a good level.
  • Let the air in. Greenhouses can get pretty hot pretty quickly, so make sure there is some air getting in or you may end up cooking your beloved green babies!
  • Watch out for pests. Insects can multiply quickly in a greenhouse environment, and they can decimate your plants, so make sure you remove creepy crawlies as soon as you see them.

This is an informative video showing you some good ideas on how to keep plants alive in a greenhouse – these are all vegetable based, but the concept is the same:

Can Any Plant Go In A Greenhouse?

A greenhouse is a great thing for your plants – whether indoor or out! If you are wondering whether you can put any of your plants in a greenhouse, then read on…

You can pretty much grow any plant that you want in a greenhouse. They will all love the protected environment – and the warmth!

As long as you are able to control the environment and make sure your plants are kept healthy and warm, you can grow any plant in a greenhouse.

You will have to keep an eye on the temperature, humidity and potential insect infestations, you should have a wonderful jungle to enjoy!

There are some plants that don’t like to be too warm, and that grow best in lower light conditions – these probably won’t enjoy your greenhouse too much.

Can You Keep Plants In A Greenhouse In The Winter?

You can keep plants in a greenhouse all year round, if you want to – but what about the cold winter months!

Some plants will be happy enough in the greenhouse in winter, while others may need a little extra helping hand.

If you have plants that like to be warm, you should consider heating your greenhouse in the winter.

Raising the pots up is another good tip to getting plants through the winter in a greenhouse – the ground is much colder, so try to install some shelving.

Monitoring the temperature with a thermostat is always a good idea – you can keep an eye on exactly how warm or cold your plants are this way!

Vegetables are a great thing to grow in your greenhouse during the colder months; winter veggies such as kale or potatoes will thrive with just a little extra protection.

If you want to put your houseplants in the greenhouse, make sure you only put the ones that are cold hardy out there. Greenhouses are warmer than outdoors, but not much!

Final Thoughts

If you are lucky enough to already have a greenhouse then you will know how great they are – if you do not then you may be wondering what all the fuss is about!

Now that you know which houseplants will grow in a greenhouse, and what you can do to create an indoor greenhouse, we hope that you enjoy your plant growing career even more.

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    • A greenhouse heater is a great little investment; they aren’t too expensive to buy and you can just turn it on when the weather is really cold. Also, make sure to check your insulation and stop up any gaps or holes that the wind can get through.


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