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how to make money with houseplants

How To Make Money With Houseplants?

If you’re like the vast majority of plant fanatics, you tend to lose money with your houseplants, not actually make any of it! If you are wondering how to make money with houseplants then read on – we have a good few ideas for you to see if you can make your millions. How To … Read more

how to make money with houseplants

How To Leave Houseplants For A Month?

Going away for work or a nice holiday is exciting, isn’t it? But what on earth can you do to keep your houseplants alive while you’re gone? If you are due a trip away and want to know how to leave houseplants for a month, you’re in the right place! Read on, for all the … Read more

How Do You Package Plants?

Can You Water Houseplants With Ice Cubes?

Ice is just frozen water, right? So, in theory, the answer to “Can you water houseplants with ice cubes?” should be a resounding yes, right? Well… It’s not quite as simple as that, sadly. Water is water, but frozen water might not be the best thing for your precious green babies! Lets look into it … Read more

Do Indoor Plants Need Fresh Air

Do Indoor Plants Need Fresh Air?

Just about every living thing in this world needs to breathe, and this includes plants. But, do indoor plants need fresh air or is the air in your house enough? Let’s have a look into what is the best thing for your inside jungle, and whether you need to be putting them outside all the … Read more

do houseplants grow better together

Do Houseplants Grow Better Together?

Having a varied collection of houseplants is great, isn’t it? It’s really fun to turn the inside of your house into something that looks like a tropical jungle! But do houseplants grow better together or should you leave them by themselves? Let’s have a look into the sociability of plants. Do Houseplants Grow Better Together? … Read more

What Do Curling Leaves Indicate?

Why Do Houseplant Leaves Curl?

Houseplants are gorgeous things to have around – they are lovely to look at, and they also help to improve the quality of the air we breathe. If you have been wondering why do houseplant leaves curl, you’ve come to the right place – we are going to look through all the reasons behind this, … Read more

how to clean plant leaves

How To Clean Indoor Plant Leaves?

Indoor plants, inevitably, can get a bit mucky. They can pick up dust and dirt, and they may even have things spilled on them! We’ve got some great tips for you on how to clean indoor plant leaves – and some of our solutions may surprise you! How To Clean Indoor Plant Leaves Plants, like … Read more

Why Do Houseplant Leaves Curl

Why Are My Indoor Plants Turning Yellow?

It’s awful when you see signs of distress on your houseplants, isn’t it? Luckily, there are reasons behind this that don’t mean your plant is going to die! “Why are my indoor plants turning yellow?” I hear you cry. Let’s work out the answers to this problem – and the solutions. Why Are My Indoor … Read more

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