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should i cut the brown tips of my plants

Should I Cut The Brown Tips Off My Plants?

Brown tips to the leaves of your favorite plants are not only unsightly, but they can means bad news for your indoor jungle. Should I cut the brown tips off my plants? Well, the jury says that this is probably a good idea! Let’s look into the reasons why. Should I Cut The Brown Tips … Read more

Which Is Better Philodendron Or Pothos?

How To Make Indoor Plants Grow Faster?

Having lots of lovely plants around your house is a great way to not only increase your oxygen levels, but also to increase the beauty of your home. But how to make indoor plants grow faster? What is the best way to encourage your indoor jungle to increase? Let’s find out together! How To Make … Read more

Which Fertilizer Is Best For Indoor Plants

Can Plants Survive Without Sunlight?

All plants photosynthesize, it is how they manage to survive. That being said, can plants survive without sunlight? Is there any plant that can cope without sunshine? There are, certainly, some plants that need less light than others. Let’s explore this question in more detail! Can Plants Survive Without Sunlight? This is a bit of … Read more

can plants die of old age

Can Plants Die Of Old Age {Explained!}

Having plants die, because of any reason whatever, can be really upsetting and can leave you wondering if you should hang up your gardening gloves altogether! Can plants die of old age, despite how much care and attention you give them? Let’s look into this in more detail. Can Plants Die Of Old Age? As … Read more

How To Use Clay Pebbles For Houseplants

How To Use Clay Pebbles For Houseplants?

Clay pebbles in your houseplants not only looks nice, but it can also help to benefit their health and growing conditions. It’s a bit different to growing in soil, but clay pebbles are a great way of growing plants – believe it or not! If you don’t know how to use clay pebbles for houseplants … Read more

How To Use Leca For Houseplants

How To Use Leca For Houseplants?

If you haven’t heard of Leca, you are not alone! It is actually an acronym, and it is a type of substance you can use to grow your plants in. If you have been wondering how to use Leca for houseplants, you are not the only one… Join the growing number of people using this … Read more

How To Use Cinnamon On Houseplants

How To Use Cinnamon On Houseplants?

Cinnamon is a lovely little spice; we use it to flavor baking and cooking. But did you know it can also benefit your houseplants? No, neither did I! It’s super easy to use, cheap, and highly effective. Let’s learn all about how to use cinnamon on houseplants, to help them grow and thrive and reward … Read more

how to use neem oil spray on houseplants

How To Use Neem Oil Spray On Houseplants?

Have you heard of using Neem oil for your plants? You probably know that it works as a great insecticide – but do you know how to use Neem oil spray on houseplants? Well, luckily for you, we are here to tell you all about this fabulous, all natural spray and how you can use … Read more

How Do You Fix Soil That Doesn’t Drain

How To Make Well-Drained Soil For Houseplants?

There are so many different houseplants that you can get, each with their own likes, dislikes and different foibles. However, there is one thing they almost all agree on – they need well-drained soil! Instead of spending a fortune at your local gardening store, why not learn how to make well-drained soil for houseplants, at … Read more

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