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How Long Does Jewel Orchid Bloom?

How Long Does Jewel Orchid Bloom?

Although jewel orchids are generally grown for their leaves rather than their flowers, there is still a definite attraction to these pretty blooms. So how long does jewel orchid bloom, how often does it bloom for, and how best to care for this pretty plant when it does? Read on, we’ve got you covered! How … Read more

How To Repot Jewel Orchid

How To Repot Jewel Orchid?

If you’re lucky, your jewel orchid will grow so big and healthy that it eventually needs a new pot. When this happens, how to repot jewel orchid? We have a whole list of ideas that will help you to repot your jewel orchid so that it thrives and grows as healthily as it possibly can! … Read more

Why Is My Jewel Orchid Limp

Why Is My Jewel Orchid Limp?

Limp leaves on our favorite plants is far from what we are looking for, isn’t it? If you have been wondering why is my jewel orchid limp, we have got some answers for you! Luckily, the reasons behind these plants suddenly not looking their best are easy enough to identify, so let’s go through them … Read more

Can You Root A Jewel Orchid In Water

How To Propagate A Jewel Orchid?

Jewel Orchids, unusually for the orchid family, are relatively easy to care for and will reward you with their beautiful leaves and pretty flowers. If you are looking into how to propagate a jewel orchid, we’ve got you covered! Read on for some great hints and tips. How To Propagate A Jewel Orchid? Jewel orchids … Read more

why does my rattlesnake plant move

Why Does My Rattlesnake Plant Move?

If you’re a new rattlesnake plant owner and just realized that your plant’s leaves seem to move – your eyes are not deceiving you. Rattlesnake plants, or Goeppertia insignis, change the position of their leaves according to the time of day, which can be disconcerting if you’re not expecting it. I will discuss this phenomenon, … Read more

How Can I Make My Rattlesnake Plant Move

Rattlesnake Plant Common Problems

Despite their stunning foliage, Rattlesnake plants are sometimes described as more trouble than they are worth. On the contrary, the plant owners who have found the proper care routine for their rattlesnakes report them being fairly easy to maintain. While it’s true that they can be particular about certain living conditions, once you figure out … Read more

Why Do Rattlesnake Plant Leaves Move

How To Propagate A Rattlesnake Plant?

Goeppertia insignis (formerly known as Calathea lancifolia), or the rattlesnake plant, is a gorgeous houseplant known for its unique foliage. Although they are known for being slightly dramatic, they are great growers once you figure out their ideal care routine in your home. As with any of your favorite plants, one of the best things … Read more

Can I Propagate a Rattlesnake Plant in Water

How To Care For A Rattlesnake Plant?

The rattlesnake plant, or Goeppertia lancifolia, is a tropical plant in the Marantaceae family known for its stunning leaf patterns. With long leaves that boast two shades of green on top and a deep reddish-purple on the underside, this beauty is a must-have for any plant lover. I will discuss the conditions needed for your … Read more

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