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how to propagate arrowhead plant

How To Propagate Arrowhead Plant?

Propagating plants often seems intimidating to novice gardeners. But really, all it means is growing a new plant from a parent plant. Fortunately for us, Mother Nature does all of the heavy lifting for this process. Syngonium podophyllum, or arrowhead plants, are easy to propagate from stem cuttings, and can be done using a couple … Read more

what causes brown spots on my arrowhead plant

Why Is My Arrowhead Plant Not Growing?

It’s frustrating when the plant you put so much time into caring for doesn’t seem to grow. Arrowhead plants, or Syngonium, are generally easygoing and will tolerate many adverse conditions, but they are still picky about certain things. This article will walk you through some typical growth issues with Syngonium plants and how to address … Read more

arrowhead plant

How To Care For Arrowhead Plant?

Arrowhead plants, or Syngonium podophyllum, are attractive evergreen plants known for their uniquely shaped leaves. In their native tropical and subtropic environments, they are fast-growing and even considered invasive. But their low-maintenance nature makes them a popular houseplant choice.  This article will give you a general guideline for caring for this plant, including optimal growing … Read more

how do you revive a fittonia plant

How To Prevent Bugs On Fittonia?

Few things are more disheartening to plant owners than discovering that unwanted house guests are feeding on your plants. Fortunately, if your Fittonia hasn’t sustained a lot of damage yet, it’s a perfectly treatable issue. Read on to find out how to treat common household plant pests, and how to prevent infestations in the future.  … Read more

why is my plant suddenly drooping

Why Is My Fittonia Not Growing?

To understand why your plant isn’t growing, it’s helpful to get an overview of what Fittonia growth should look like. However, since there are many varieties of Fittonia plants, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Read on to learn more. How Fast Does Fittonia Grow? If you are propagating your Fittonia by using … Read more

can a wilted plant be saved

How To Care For A Fittonia Plant?

Fittonia albivenis, or the Fittonia plant, is an excellent choice for any plant owner. They are not the fussiest plants, and therefore can be great for beginners and veteran gardeners alike. This article gives an overview of caring for Fittonias, including watering tips, soil, and maintenance. Read to learn more on how to care for … Read more

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