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what to plant with liriope

What To Plant With Liriope?

There’s nothing better than a beautifully planned garden, with the heights and colors perfectly balanced. If you are wondering what to plant with liriope, then read on. What Grows Well With Liriope? Liriope is a great ground cover, which also looks elegant and beautiful in its own right. You can choose to grow nothing  but … Read more

what is eating my liriope

What Is Eating My Liriope?

Liriope is fairly hardy, but it is vulnerable to some pests. If you have been wondering what is eating my liriope, you’ve come to the right place. What Diseases Attack Liriope Plants? Anthracnose This unpleasant sounding disease is a fungal infection, that can seriously damage the beauty and general health of your Liriope. You should … Read more

why do leaves on liriope turn yellow and lose stripe

How To Grow Liriope?

Liriope is a fantastic addition to your garden. But how to grow liriope? I’m glad you asked! Let’s look into it in more detail. Is Liriope Easy To Grow? Liriope is a fantastically easy plant to grow. It requires very little maintenance, and it is a good, strong grower. If you leave it alone, it … Read more

will liriope choke out other plants

How To Care For Liriope?

These beautiful evergreens are a great addition to any garden or herbaceous border. But how to care for liriope? Let’s find out more! How Hardy Are Liriope? Liriope are relatively hardy plants. They don’t mind drought or shade, and are pretty resilient to most types of weather, too. This plant is at home in the … Read more

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