How To Deadhead Rhododendrons?

Dead heading is not only good for the effect of the plants, but also good for the health of the plant. If you are looking up how to deadhead rhododendrons, you’ve come to the right place! Should I Deadhead My Rhododendrons? Dead heading rhododendrons takes very little effort, and though it is perfectly fine to … Read more

what to plant next to rhododendrons

How To Grow Rhododendrons?

If you are looking for some really pretty bushes, then rhododendron may well be your answer. But how to grow rhododendrons? Let’s find out! How To Start Rhododendrons From Cuttings? Growing rhododendrons from cuttings is actually the easiest way to grow rhododendrons and create a beautiful flowering bush. Simply take a cutting from the old, … Read more

should I deadhead my rhododendrons

How To Prune Rhododendrons?

Rhododendrons are a fast growing plant, and one that can quickly take over if left unchecked. So let’s have a look into how to prune rhododendrons for best effect! How Fast Do Rhododendrons Grow? Rhododendrons are generally a big plant. You can keep them in check with pruning, but bear in mind that these bushes … Read more

how to make rhododendrons bloom

How To Make Rhododendrons Bloom?

Rhododendrons are a truly beautiful flower, and when you get a whole bank of the blooming together, the effect is truly spectacular. But how to make rhododendrons bloom? How Do I Get More Flowers On My Rhododendron? One sure fire way to get more flowers on your rhododendron is to deadhead them. This should prevent … Read more

how to start rhododendrons from cuttings

How To Take Care Of Rhododendrons?

Rhododendrons don’t actually need too much care and attention, but you might wish to know how to take care of rhododendrons if you are looking at planting them. How Much Sun Do Rhododendrons Need? The different types of rhododendron have different needs – something which may come as a surprise! As a general rule they … Read more

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