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why is cornflower called cornflower

Why Is Cornflower Called Cornflower?

The pretty face (and the lovely, delicate smell) of  cornflower are incredibly distinctive. But what’s with the name? Why is cornflower called cornflower? Read on, for the answer to this question – and come others, all related to our favorite little native flower. Why Is Cornflower Called That? There is a really simple answer to … Read more

What Is The Cornflower Myth?

How To Grow Cornflower?

Some plants are extremely fussy and hard to grow, while others have very strict requirements about where they will grow. When you start looking into how to grow cornflower, however, you will notice that this little plant is far less fussy than some of its contemporaries. Read on for everything you need to know! How … Read more

How To Grow Betony From Seed

How To Grow Betony From Seed?

Betony is another one of our native wildflowers – it grows well in Europe, Asia and North Africa. But how to grow betony from seed, I hear you cry? We are here to show you all the best ways that you can grow and cultivate this pretty little plant in your garden – it’s not … Read more

Is corncockle poisonous

Is Corncockle Poisonous {Explained!}

Corncockle is a lovely little plant to have around, there’s no doubt about that. But beauty does not necessarily mean it is safe! If you have been wondering “Is corncockle poisonous?” then you are not alone – and luckily for you, we have discovered the answers to this question – and more! Is Corncockle Poisonous? … Read more

Is Corncockle Rare?

How To Grow Corncockle?

Corncockle is a beautiful little plant, that is sure to brighten up your borders and enhance the beauty of you garden. But how to grow corncockle, that is the question! If you have been wondering how you can get this Mediterranean beauty to flourish in your garden, then you have come to the right place. … Read more

Is Yellow Rattle Poisonous To Cattle?

How To Grow Yellow Rattle?

Yellow rattle is a beautiful wildflower, beloved of many pollinators, and as such it is a great addition to your garden to help your other plants – as well as lending a little beauty of its own! If you have been scratching your head and wondering how to grow yellow rattle, you have come to … Read more

how to winterize foxglove plants

How To Winterize Foxglove Plants?

Winter can be a tricky time – for both people and plants! The cold temperatures and harsh weathers can cause havoc with a lot of our favorite flowers. If you have been wondering how to winterize foxglove plants, you are certainly not alone. Let’s learn all about how to do this together. How To Winterize … Read more

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