how to make comfrey oil

How To Make Comfrey Oil {Step By Step}

Comfrey is a truly wonderful plant, that has been used to make medicines and herbal concoctions for centuries. How to make comfrey oil should definitely be on your list of things to do if you have some comfrey and are wondering what to do with it! How To Make Comfrey Oil? Making your own comfrey … Read more

How To Dry Comfrey Leaves

How To Dry Comfrey Leaves?

Did you know that as well as being a vigorous, pretty plant that bees adore, comfrey is actually pretty useful for people too? If you’d like to start using this plant but are unsure how, start with learning how to dry comfrey leaves. Trust me, you won’t look back! How To Dry Comfrey Leaves You … Read more

Which Is Better Comfrey Root Or Leaf

How To Grow Comfrey {A Simple Guide}

Comfrey is a fabulous plant, with a great many uses from fertilizer to pain relief. But how to grow comfrey, I hear you cry? Luckily, it couldn’t be more simple! Comfrey is a hardy plant that can cope with a lot of different conditions – however, some will keep it happier than others. Let’s look … Read more

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