Wild Plants

How Do I Know If My Foxgloves Are Biennial Or Perennial?

How To Grow Foxglove From Seed?

Foxgloves are one of the flowers that instantly make you think of the countryside, or a cozy cottage garden. But how to grow foxglove from seed? Let’s find out! It is not too tricky to grow these beautiful flowers from seed; all you need is a little time, care and patience, and you will be … Read more

Which Is Better Aster Or Fleabane?

How To Harvest Fleabane?

If you have a patch of fleabane growing in your garden that you want to use, chances are the first question you will ask is how to harvest fleabane. Well don’t worry – we’ve got you totally covered! Read on for the best ways to harvest and use this pretty little daisy-like plant. How To … Read more

Should I Let Fleabane Grow In My Garden?

Why Is Fleabane Called Fleabane?

It is a pretty strange name for a plant, if you think about it… Why is fleabane called fleabane? Is it because it gets rid of fleas? Well, sort of! Before you rejoice and throw away the Frontline flea treatments, let’s delve a ;little more into this fascinating plant, and the origins of its name. … Read more

how to extract oil from rosehips

How To Extract Oil From Rosehips?

Rosehip oil is a fairly expensive, luxury item – but it really doesn’t have to be! If you learn how to extract oil from your own rosehips, you will potentially save yourself a lot of money. This nourishing oil can be used in a variety of different ways; get experimenting today and find your favorite … Read more

Who Cannot Use Rosehip Oil

How To Eat Rosehips {Explained!}

Rosehips are one of those beautiful hedgerow berries that appear in the late autumn, and sometimes still glow on the bushes even into winter! Did you know that these little fruits are an absolute powerhouse of goodness, that you can harness to keep yourself and your family healthy? Read on for our best tips on … Read more

Is Green Alkanet Good For Wildlife?

Is Green Alkanet Edible {Explained!}

This is a beautiful plant, undoubtedly, and it provides a great source of nutrients for pollinators – but is green alkanet edible? From the leaves to the roots to those pretty little flowers, let’s look all over this plant and find out if you can eat it. Is Green Alkanet Edible? A member of the … Read more

How To Harvest Wild Horseradish Plant

How To Harvest Wild Horseradish Plant?

If you have been lucky enough to come across wild horseradish, your first instinct is probably to take home as much of it as you possibly can! However, you really should learn how to harvest wild horseradish, so that you know you are doing it right and getting the best results. How To Harvest Wild … Read more

What Part Of The Horseradish Plant Do You Eat

Can I Plant Wild Horseradish?

Horseradish is such a wonderful plant. Not only is it attractive and easy to grow, but it also produces the most amazing flavors (if you like it hot, that is!) Can I plant wild horseradish though, that’s the question… Let’s look into this wonderful plant in a little more depth. Can I Plant Wild Horseradish? … Read more

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