what pairs well with dianthus

What Pairs Well With Dianthus?

You may have heard of companion planting – what plants to sow with other plants to fend of pests, and to maximize their production – but what pairs well with dianthus? We have a few ideas on the best plants you can grow with this little beauty, to make your garden look as well as … Read more

How Cold Can Dianthus Tolerate

How To Prepare Dianthus For Winter?

Some plants are happy in Baltic temperatures; others keel over at the first sign of a chilly breeze. When you are hunkering down for the cold months, spare a thought for your garden plants – how to prepare dianthus for winter? Let’s find out together. How Cold Can Dianthus Tolerate? Dianthus is a relatively hardy … Read more

how to deadhead dianthus

How To Deadhead Dianthus?

Deadheading plants is a great way to not only help make your garden more attractive, but it can also help the health of the plant. If you have been wondering how to deadhead dianthus, you should continue to read, as we have all the best hints and tips for you! How To Deadhead Dianthus Deadheading … Read more

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