How To Grow Healthy Indoor Plants?

Growing your own indoor jungle is a very rewarding thing to do. But it’s no good if your plants are all spindly and dying all the time! If you want to know how to grow healthy indoor plants, you have come to the right place! Read on for all our favorite tips.

How To Grow Healthy Indoor Plants?

how to grow healthy indoor plants

Keeping your indoor crops looking and feeling their best can seem like an uphill struggle – but it really doesn’t have to be!


Ensuring that you use good quality potting mix is key to keeping your indoor plants healthy and happy.

You can either make your own potting soil, or you can buy it in from garden stores – you can even buy specific types for specific plants.


Your plants need to be in a place where they receive adequate light – but be warned, the light requirements are different for every plant!

Whether your indoor jungle lights indirect light for a few hours, or all day of bright sunshine, making sure they get the right amount of light is key.


Keeping your plants hydrated is very important to keep them healthy and growing well.

Each plant has different water requirements, so make sure you read up about each plant before you get your watering can out.


Giving your plants a bit of extra nutrients every now and then is very important, as this can help them grow stronger.

Keep an eye on your plant’s individual requirements, and make sure you are not giving them too much or too little.


No plant can thrive if it is playing host to a load of freeloading parasites! Check your plants regularly for signs of an insect invasion.

You can choose to either use chemical pesticides if you have a bug problem, or you can make your own natural insect repellent.

This article will tell you just about everything you need to know about growing houseplants.

How To Take Care Of Indoor Plants?

Indoor plants vary from the really hard to take care of, fussy one, and the easygoing ones that you can just forget about.

Taking care of indoor plants is not as simple as just popping them on a windowsill for the rest of time; there are a few things you have to remember…

  • Water, but not too much. Your plants will need to be hydrated, but remember to not overwater as this can kill them.
  • Site them right. Each plant has different sunlight requirements, so try to find out your plants’ favorite position before you start to grow it.
  • Feed them occasionally. All plants benefit from a boost of nutrients, and this can make them perform much better.
  • Check for pests. Plants are susceptible to bug invasions, and this can affect their health dramatically. Keep an eye out for signs of insect infestation.
  • Make sure the soil is good. House plants need soil that is filled with nutrients, as they can’t spread their roots underground to find any. Good drainage is also super important!

What Helps Indoor Plants Grow Faster?

Indoor plants can be fussy and tricky to keep alive – but all you need to do is keep an eye on a few areas and you (and your plants) will be laughing!

  • Increase the sunlight. Making sure plants get enough light from the sun – whether they prefer direct or indirect light – is key to their health.
  • Keep them hydrated. Overwatering is best avoided, but don’t go too far the other way! Without enough to drink, your plant will not thrive.
  • Prune and deadhead. You can encourage your plants to grow faster by removing the dead growth and by pruning out excess growth.
  • Feed with good fertilizer. Giving your plants a boost of nutrients is key to helping them survive and flourish – you can either make your own or buy fertilizer.
  • Give them space. Whether they have outgrown their pot or are too close to their neighbors, plants need room to grow!
  • Check for pests. No plant can survive well if it is being munched by creepy crawlies – keep an eye out for signs of bugs and remove them wherever possible.

Helping your plants grow faster is very rewarding – you should have a bushy jungle in no time! Plus, as you can see, it doesn’t take too much effort.

This is a good video showing you a few tips on how to help your plants grow faster and better:

What Food Is Best For Indoor Plants?

Giving your house plants a good feed every now and then will help enormously with their growth and strength – but how do you know which is best?

Some plants are happy with an all purpose fertilizer, but it is definitely worth getting to know your local garden store who will be able to advise you on your individual plants.

If you don’t want to buy fertilizer then you can easily make your own using a number of household items:

  • Compost
  • Banana peels
  • Eggshells
  • Coffee grounds
  • Epsom salts
  • Molasses
  • Green tea

As long as you are giving your plant the nutrients it needs – whether you use a shop bought fertilizer or make your own – you will be helping them to flourish and be their best selves!

What Liquids Help Plants Grow Best?

Your plants should “Drink like a fish – water only!” They do not need any other liquid apart from water to help them grow and thrive.

This being said, not all water is created equal, and plants can thrive better with some types of water than others.

  • Rain water is the best option to give to your green babies – it is natural, contains trace elements and is generally at the right temperature. However, if you live in a heavily polluted area you may have to think twice about feeding rainwater to your plants!
  • Filtered water also works really well for house plants; the majority of the chemicals are removed by the filtering process, making it better for your plants. Unfiltered tap water contains a lot of chlorine, which can build up on the soil and can even cause health issues for your plants.
  • Bottled spring water is another great option; this is water that has come from a natural spring in the ground so it si already healthier than tap water. Unless you live close by a natural spring, this can be an expensive option; you may wish to consider buying your water in bulk to save pennies.

Final Thoughts

Growing healthy indoor plants may seem like an impossibility – but it really isn’t. Once you have the right advice, you can create your own indoor jungle!

Hopefully now you are armed with the best ideas about how to grow the best indoor plants, that will be the envy of your friends and family.

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    • Oh, you’ll know – they’ll soon tell you if they have any problems! Dropped leaves, brown spots, failing to grow – plants have many ways to tell us they’re unhappy. If you have green, growing plants then you’re probably doing a good job!

    • No one really likes the thought of having manure in the house – but in order for it to be any good for plants it must be well rotted, which means it shouldn’t smell or be off-putting to look at. If it’s good enough for the roses outside, it’s good enough for your indoor jungle!


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