How To Shape Ficus Audrey?

Ficus audrey can quickly grow large and spreading – and while this is great, it may not be what you want! If you are looking for ideas on how to shape ficus audrey, you have come to the right place – we’ve got a wealth of hints and tips for you.

How To Shape Ficus Audrey

How To Shape Ficus Audrey

This plant can get really, really big, in its natural environment and in the right growing conditions.

Assuming that you don’t live in a mansion, let’s have a look at how you can shape ficus audrey to your – and its – best advantage.

  1. When in a pot, ficus audrey will generally reach around 10 feet. You can shape it to grow how you want it to with strategic pruning.
  2. It is generally a good idea to do your pruning and shaping in the spring, before the main flush of growth is underway.
  3. Take a pair of sharp, clean shears or secateurs, and wear gardening gloves to avoid getting the sap on your hands.
  4. First, remove any dead or dying branches. These will sap (excuse the pun!) the plants strength and resources, so they have to go.
  5. Cut the main trunk of the tree down to your chosen height (don’t worry if this seems a little harsh – it will reward you by becoming bushier!)
  6. Trim back the branches you want to encourage, leaving up to three leaves. New growth will form around this remaining foliage.
  7. Prune so that the emerging branches can grow outwards – this will improve the look of your ficus tree.
  8. Cut away any branches that cross over each other, as well as those that are growing down into the center of the plant.
  9. Correct any branches that are growing crooked, by removing the growth beyond where it starts to bend.
  10. Trim the branches so that they grow closer together as they rise, which creates a more natural “treelike” effect.
  11. Once you have finished pruning, give your ficus a little dose of fertilizer and a good drink. This will help it to recover quicker from the pruning ordeal.
  12. Dispose of all the trimmed branches and leaves, as they are toxic to people and pets – you can either compost them if they are healthy, or burn them in a garden bonfire.

Here is a great article, looking into shaping your ficus audrey in more detail:

How Do I Get My Ficus Audrey To Branch?

A healthy, bushy tree is not only a sign of the plant being healthy, but it makes for a really attractive addition to your indoor jungle.

If your ficus audrey is looking spindly, with just one or two main stems and no branching, have a look into the ways that you can make it branch out into the rest of the environment!

Encouraging your ficus audrey to branch tends to start with a little destruction – but don’t feel bad; this method really will make your plant look and grow as healthy as it can do.

Look out for new growth nodes on your ficus audrey – these are generally at the base of the branch, and are like little shoots.

Pinch off this new growth, which will encourage the plant to send its energies into existing growth instead of new.

Within a few weeks, you will see many more nodes starting to form where there was only one – this is the basis for your new, bushier ficus!

You can also trim back  new growth nodes too – the method is the same, but you may be working with larger nodes so you might have to get your secateurs out.

Whichever method you use, remember to wear gloves, as the sap of this plant is toxic and can cause gastrointestinal problems if ingested.

You can also encourage branching by using a technique called notching – this is simple and easy, and an effective way to kickstart new growth!

Using a sharp knife, cut at an angle between two growth nodes. You only need to go 1/4of the way through the trunk; any further and you risk damaging your beloved tree.

Pruning, using any of the above methods, should be done in the spring or summer, when the plant is actively growing.

If you attempt to make your ficus audrey branch out during the winter, it won’t have enough energy to create new growth nodes, and you risk damaging it.

This useful video, although it is pretty long, will show you the best ways to get your ficus audrey (and in fact many other ficus!) to branch:

When Should Ficus Trees Be Pruned Indoors?

Trimming and pruning is necessary for the health of any plant – and for a potential giant like ficus audrey it can also be necessary to maintain its size.

  • Trim your ficus when its size is getting out of hand – if you notice the canopy grazing your ceiling, this is a good time!
  • For standard pruning, wait until the very end of winter or just as the spring has begun, so the plant has time to recover before the growing season starts.
  • Waiting until the plant is not actively growing is a good idea, so that you don’t accidentally stunt its growth.
  • If you have dead or diseased growth that needs removing, you can do so at any time of the year – leaving sick branches on the tree can affect the health of the whole plant.
  • Pick a nice warm day, when you know that your ficus audrey will have some good sunlight to help it recover after its hair cut.

How Fast Does Ficus Audrey Grow?

How Fast Does Ficus Audrey Grow

This ficus, although it can reach impressive heights and widths in its natural home, is considered a moderate grower when planted indoors.

Because they are generally kept in pots, they will not reach their full size – luckily for you and your house!

On average, these plants will reach their full height in 5 years, given the right conditions and as long as they are healthy.

Not enough light or water will cause slower growth, so if you want your ficus to grow well then be sure to give it its preferred conditions!

When grown from cutting, you can expect to see strong new growth within the month; these plants are generally pretty easy to cultivate.

You will probably find that your ficus audrey barely grows at all in the winter, while the summer growth takes off at a pace.

A good pruning and shaping can work wonders for your indoor jungle – and ficus audrey is no exception.

Shaping it and pruning it properly will not only help its general health – but will help it continue to fit in your house!

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    • You can, of course, prune off a leaf here and there whenever you want to – but a hefty pruning is best left until the very beginning of spring. If you prune and shape your Ficus Audrey at this time, it will reward you by growing back strong and bushy!


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