When Does Weigela Bloom {And How Long}

Unless you have a plant that is famed for its foliage rather than flowers, you will want to know when and how your plant flowers, and what you can do to help and support it.

This lovely plant will reward your growing efforts with some truly beautiful, delicate pink flowers – once you know the answer to “when does weigela bloom?” you will be able to encourage your favorite shrub to do what it does best!

How Long Do Weigela Bloom?

How Long Do Weigela Bloom?

Weigela is one of those lovely plants whose foliage is almost as pretty as its flowers – but, of course, the flowers are the highlight, right?

If you keep your weigela in the conditions it likes the best, and make sure it is well cared for and healthy, it will reward you!

Weigela generally flowers at its best in the spring, starting in May (although it can be slightly earlier if the spring is warm and mild.

It will produce its beautiful blooms throughout May, June and July. The majority of the blooms will be the middle of spring, with slightly less in the summer.

This longer flowering season is great for gardeners, as you can be sure of some pretty flowers for almost a quarter of the year!

Once the really hot weather kicks in, weigela will generally cease flowering and focus instead on its pretty foliage.

Here is a short article with some information on weigela flowers.

Why Is My Weigela Not Blooming?

A plant that produces healthy leaves and blooms is generally a healthy, happy plant, so if your weigela isn’t flowering then it may need some attention.

  • Too much light. This shrub likes a full sun position, but bright, strong sunshine all day every day can prevent it from blooming at its best.
  • Too little light. Keeping your weigela in the dark is a sure fire way to avoid flowers! Go for a full sun to partial shade spot in your garden.
  • Overwatering. Weigela doesn’t get too thirsty, and letting the roots sit in water will damage them, so make sure you are not watering too much.
  • Not enough water. No plant can survive without a drink, unless it’s a desert cactus! Keeping your weigela hydrated is essential for good flower growth.
  • Excessive pruning. Weigela will only bloom on growth that is a year old, so if you have pruned it this year then you will not see any flowers.
  • Not enough pruning. Conversely, not pruning your weigela will also prevent it from flowering! Trim once a year, after the flowers are spent.
  • Pest infestation. Weigela are pretty hardy, but they can be vulnerable to bugs such as aphids and mealybugs. Keep an eye out for critters!

Weigela is generally pretty easygoing and will flower happily, which means that if you notice yours not blooming, then there is some sort of problem that needs to be addressed.

What To Do With Weigela After Flowering?

What To Do With Weigela After Flowering

Once this shrub has finished its flowering season, there are a number of things you can do to keep it healthy, and to ensure a great crop of flowers for next year:

Prune it

Removing some of the thicker branches will encourage good air flow, and can also help the plant focus its energies on strong, healthy growth.

Pruning it now will also help your weigela to maintain its shape and prevent it from outgrowing its space.

It may produce another sporadic flowering in the late summer; you can leave the pruning until then if you wish, but just after the first flowering is considered the best time.

Give it a feed

These plants don’t need much fertilizing, but after they have finished flowering is a good time to give them a boost.

Prepare for the winter

Keeping the plant warm, especially when all the leaves have dropped, is a great way to keep it healthy and thriving. Mulch, and keep the stems warm if it is a young or exposed plant.

Enjoy it! These plants often have attractive, variegated leaves, which are almost as beautiful as the flowers.

Here is a short video, showing you how weigela respond to pruning for new growth and good flowers:

Does Weigela Come Back Every Year?

The short answer to this is: Yes, it does! Provided it gets the right care and attention, you can keep your weigela growing for years.

This is one of the best plants that you can grow in your garden; not only are the flowers beautiful but the leaves are also interesting and colorful.

The easygoing weigela can grow incredibly fast – they can reach up to 3 meters, so make sure you pick a spot in your garden that will fit it!

There are, of course, some dwarf varieties that won’t grow so big, bit in general weigela can grow up to 18 inches in a year.

This fast growth, and the fact that it lasts and lasts, makes it ideal for gardens where color and filling is important.

It’s a great plant too, in that it doesn’t need too much maintenance – you can grow your weigela in your garden and pretty much rely on it popping back up year after year.

Weigela can grow pretty big, unless you have a dwarf or miniature cultivar, so you may need to keep an eye on its size and cut it back if it grows too big.

This pretty shrub can keep going and growing for many years – even decades, given the right conditions.

This is why it is so important to maintain your weigela well – it may be your gardening companion for a long time to come!

Final Words

Weigela’s flowers are one of the most attractive features of this plant, and to see it in full bloom is a sight to behold!

Once you know a little more about how, when and why weigela blooms, you can enjoy this lovely plant to the fullest.

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    • There are a few reasons why you are not seeing flowers – it could be that the conditions are not quite right, or the plant was pruned back too hard to allow flowers this year. Keep an eye out for pest invasions too, as this can affect the flowering of this lovely bush.


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