Why Are Houseplants So Expensive?

You may think that a plant is a plant is a plant… But, you will be shocked if you go plant shopping if you think they are cheap! So, why ARE houseplants so expensive?

Ok, we know they’re beautiful and great at giving out oxygen – but what really makes them as expensive as they are? Let’s look into it…

Why Are Houseplants So Expensive?

why are houseplants so expensive

It’s not entirely fair to say that ALL houseplants are expensive. In fact, you can pick up a bargain for very little of your hard earned cash in many large supermarkets.

But the chosen few, some of them, are eye wateringly expensive! What is this? Is it because they can make you a cup of tea as well as stand around looking nice?

Sadly, no plant in the world can do this! But, some of them are so very rare and so beautiful, that they carry a higher price tag than some others.

In some cases, the plant is very hard to grow and cultivate, and takes a lot of work and expensive equipment to get it to a saleable size.

There is also a lot of demand these days for houseplants, as more and more people take up the hobby, which means there is a much more lucrative market.

Sometimes, demands for certain plants exceeds supply, so growers and sellers are forced to put their prices up to remain competitive.

It is generally the plants that are the hardest to grow that are the most expensive. You could always have a go at growing your favourites from seed, to save your bank balance!

This little video will take you through some of the more expensive houseplants, and why they can be so pricey:

Are Indoor Plants Worth It?

The answer to this, in a word, is a resounding YES! Plants have a lot of benefits, both for making our homes beautiful and improving our health.

Ok, some of them may be very expensive – but if you love plants then what’s a little extra spent on something that makes you happy?

  • Growing houseplants has been proven to reduce blood pressure and stress, and improve mood, concentration and cognitive function.
  • Houseplants produce a lot of oxygen, which helps us to breathe better, and they are great at removing toxins from the air too.
  • Plants also look absolutely fabulous in your house – provided you have remembered to water them and care for them, of course!
  • Gardening is a wonderful hobby – not only is it fun, but it will help your levels of stress and general health too.
  • Growing an indoor jungle is a wonderful thing, for both the beauty of your house plus the physical and mental health benefits for you too.

You may not think they are worth it all the time, especially if one gets an infestation of bugs and another gets root rot – but as long as they are properly cared for, houseplants can reward you for years.

This little article will take you through the best houseplant to buy, if you are starting out and unsure what you want.

Do Plants Make You Happier?

Do Plants Make You Happier

When your house is filled with plants, there is no doubt that you will look around you with great satisfaction at how beautiful it looks.

But there’s another reason you will feel pleasure when looking around your indoor jungle… Growing plants is incredibly good for your mental health.

Plants have been found to lift the mood and make everything look a little rosier. They are very good at improving your outlook on life!

Reducing stress is a big part of being happier, and plants can do this for you as well. You may also find that your ability to deal with stressful situations is increased.

Growing houseplants can also help to reduce your blood pressure and improve your tolerance to pain too.

You may not be quite so ecstatic when you look at your bank balance after splashing out on a particularly expensive plant – but the benefits outweigh the downsides, right?

What Is The Rarest Houseplant?

There are many rare and sought after houseplants, but the jewel in the crown is one that you likely won’t find anywhere on the shelves at your local garden centre!

The Shenzhen Nongke Orchid is a plant that is completely man made, and it reportedly sells for over $200,000!

It took 8 years to develop, and it only flowers every 4-5 years, which adds to its sought-after status.

The Gold of Kinabalu Orchid is a very valuable plant, with some stems selling for as much as $5,000 per stem on the black market.

This plant is so desired because there are only about 50 specimens left in the wild; it is a protected plant but poachers do find it, despite it being illegal to pick.

The Philodendron Pink Princess is a slightly cheaper plant, selling for “only” up to $1,500 per plant.

This one is so wildly expensive because it is so wildly difficult to grow; it is utterly beautiful with its striking pink leaves, so we don’t see demand for this one falling any time soon.

The Alocasia Azlanii, a beautiful plant whose leaves have a purplish red map running through them, is highly prized among growers.

It is very difficult to cultivate this variegation, which explains its price tag of up to $300.

The Variegated Echeveria Lola is a particularly beautiful cactus, which is beautiful enough in its natural colors, but when it is exposed to bright light and cool temperatures, the leaves turn pink around the edges.

It is hard for growers to achieve the desired amount of variegation in the leaves, which is why this plant can sell for up to $280.

After reading this list, perhaps you won’t mind spending a little extra for your favorite houseplant – at least they don’t cost as much as a house!

Final Words

So there you have it – a few reasons to answer your question as to why are houseplants so expensive.

Hopefully you won’t mind paying for them too much once you understand the real reasons behind those high price tags!

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    • If you have the right amount of knowledge to grow specific plants, and you grow them well so that they are healthy and strong, there is no reason at all why you cannot grow expensive houseplants from seed and sell them on (or fall in love with them and keep them!)


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